Wimpole Park

From 1947 to 1950, Wimpole Park was the host to an experimental Teacher Training College.

Wimpole Park Training College

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Personal Photographs

I have been lent a huge pile of archive material about Wimpole Park Training College which was located in the wartime US Army Hospital base on the Wimpole Hall Estate. The teacher training college opened in Autumn 1947 and closed on the 29 September 1950.

The original material will take quite a while to go through but it appears I have lists of students, college magazines, correspondence, the 1950 year book, and some personal photographs. The archive box even includes a (real!) college blazer and scarf.

Wimpole Park Training College

'Wimpole With The Lid Off' (drawn by Molly Dore and published in the 1950 Year Book)

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An impression of Wimpole Park Training College in the final weeks. I suppose that many of the jokes are personal to the year group and not obvious to us fifty years on - however, one drawing we understand very well is the little cartoon figure of Mrs Bambridge (owner of Wimpole Hall) in the top right hand corner waving her little cartoon walking stick in disgust.




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