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Wimpole Park Photographs 2002

There is a large flat area of arable pasture situated just inside the Arrington Gates to Wimpole Hall,
a large country-house in Cambridgeshire now owned by the National Trust.

Between 1944 and 1960 the pasture, or Wimpole Park as it became named, was host in turn to an American Hospital treating army casualties of war, a squatters camp, an experimental teacher training college, a community school, emergency local authority housing, and lastly a US Air Force Hospital best remembered for being the 'place-of-birth' for hundreds of Americans.

During 1959/1960, the USAF Hospital was decommissioned and all the buildings and roads were completely removed. Wimpole Park was returned to arable pasture.

This page shows how the site of Wimpole Park looks today.

360° Panoramic Photographs of Wimpole Hall

The BBC Cambridgeshire website has a selection of 360-degree photographs taken on the
Wimpole Estate. The five modern-day locations are:

Wimpole Hall (South Elevation)
The Library
Sitting Room
Walled Garden
Wimpole Home Farm

The following photographs were taken by Steve Odell of the site of Wimpole Park on 2 January 2002 (which was a clear cold frosty day) and 17 July 2002 (a hot sunny one).

(1) Wimpole Park
A winter panorama across the Wimpole Park site panning around from due north to due south-east.
Wimpole Hall is just visible on the centre horizon.


(2) The Arrington Gates
The western entrance to the Wimpole Hall estate from Arrington.
The Arrington Gates were the main entrance to the Wimpole Park complex
which was situated just inside the gates.


(3) The Susan, Countess of Hardwicke Almshouses
The Almshouses are situated across the road directly opposite the Arrington Gates and they would have been a familiar site to those living and working at Wimpole Park.

(4) Through the Arrington Gates
The Wimpole Park site is on the left of the driveway immediately past the low fence.
Queen Victoria drove through these Gates in an open top carriage on
27 October 1843.

(5) Wimpole Park
Just inside the Arrington Gates. This winter photograph was taken near the low fence visible in photograph (4) above and looks north-east right across the site of Wimpole Park.

(6) Wimpole Park
Virtually the same location as photograph (5) above but taken some seven months later, looking east along the drive to Wimpole Hall.
Wimpole Park would have filled the grassed area to the left of the drive.


(7) Wimpole Park - Late Winter Afternoon
Looking south from the north-west corner of the site. The hedgerow on the right continues down to the Arrington Gates and Wimpole Park would have covered the area of grassland to the left.

(8) Wimpole Park - Late Winter Afternoon
Looking back west along the drive on the way to Wimpole Hall. The Wimpole Park site is directly ahead, behind the single trees in the centre of the photograph.

(9) Wimpole Hall (with Guest Sheep)
Approximately the same location as photograph (8) above but some seven months later and looking east along the drive. Wimpole Hall is owned by the National Trust and open to the public.

(10) Stable Block - Wimpole Hall
The estate Stable Block has been converted by the National Trust to a Visitor Centre, which includes Reception, Exhibition Area, National Trust Shop and the Stable Kitchen (for light refreshments).

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