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From 1952 to 1960, Wimpole Park was the home of the 7510 United States Air Force Hospital.

7510 USAF Hospital

I am seeking information, discussion, photographs, dates, website links, people or history, plus any personal memories and reminiscences relating to the 7510 USAF Hospital and Wimpole Park, Cambridgeshire.
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7510 USAF Wimpole Park Reunion 2002
26/29 September 2002
Best Western Executive Hotel, 2401 Needmore Road, Dayton, Ohio 45414. Tel: 937-278-5711

Programme details from Reunion Secretary Joan Kjargaard at e-mail p&jkjar@telus.net


Photographs of the Wimpole Park Site

These photographs by Steve Odell of the Wimpole Park hospital site were taken on 2 January 2002 (which was a clear cold frosty day) and on 17 July 2002 (a warm sunny one). Click on any photograph or click here to go to a separate page with a complete set of larger images and descriptive notes.



Wimpole Park Reunion 2002

My name is Joan Kjargaard (nee Knight). I worked at Wimpole Park from 1952 until September 1957 when I left for Canada (see also entry below).

I am currently the Secretary of the 7510th U.S.A.F Wimpole Park Reunion and our next Reunion is to be held in Dayton, Ohio from September 26th through to the 29th at the Best Western Executive Hotel, 2401 Needmore Road, Dayton. 45414. Tel:937-278-5711.

Contact at membership level: Rowland Garver of Peru, Indiana.
Treasurer: Okie Bowers, West Virginia.
President: Neil B Hadley, Bethesda, Md.
Reunion Secretary: Joan Kjargaard, Victoria, Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada.

Joan Kjargaard
British Columbia, Canada


Joan Knight

My name is Joan Kjargaard (nee Knight). I worked at Wimpole Park from its opening in 1952 until I left in September 1957 to emigrate to Canada.

I was the base seamstress and my office was in the Linen Control building. I met hundreds of Americans in the course of my work. Initially I furnished the hospital, then the Interdenominational Chapel, using my furnishing skills to provide for the three religions that practised there. I (together with most of the English staff) painted many of the Chapel windows during lunch hours - it was a gift from us. I know several people are wondering if any windows survived when Wimpole Park was restored to its former Park setting, or perhaps there are former members who have photographs?

I was a former Cambridge Art student and enjoyed drawing many of the Wimpole Park weekly Magazine front pages. I also brought sketches to Canada of staff members in my building. I have lists of the entire Hospital Staff at Thanksgiving, when I and my brother John Knight were invited to the wonderful dinner!

I have been married for 40 years. My husband Peder and I live on Vancouver Island and have attended many Wimpole Park reunions held throughout the USA

As Secretary, I would value any input for the upcoming Reunion in Dayton, Ohio.

Joan Kjargaard
British Columbia, Canada.


Early Days

The 3rd Hospital Group was formed at Sampson Air Force Base, Geneva, New York in early l952. The personnel consist of doctors, nurses, medical techs, cooks, motor pool and support personnel of approximately 250-300 troops. We departed Sampson in early August l952 for Camp Kilmer, New Jersey for shipment to England.

We left Kilmer for the Brooklyn Navy Yard and boarded the USS General Darby, docking at Southampton 7-8 days later. We were bussed to a small USAF Base called Shaftsbury and stayed there the Friday and Saturday. On Sunday we were bussed to Wimpole Park arriving late in the afternoon and assigned our barracks.

After we all got settled, the Commander (Col Charles H. Morhouse) authorized us to go off base for a few hours. The Hardwicke Arms in Arrington was the first focal point as well as the Green Plunge in Royston. Me and my buddies went to the Green Plunge. I ordered a glass of ice tea and was served a cup of hot tea and small piece of ice. We all got a good laugh out of that.

Two or three months later Wimpole Park became the 75l0 USAF Hospital. I have a lot of good memories about Wimpole and will write more about them later.

Howard J Applegate
Mt.Holly, New Jersey, United States.


Howard J Applegate

I came over and opened Wimpole Park with the 3rd Hospital Group and named later the 7510th USAF Hospital in August l952. I was stationed at Wimpole Park from l952 to l955 in the Air Police Section.

We hold Wimpole Park reunions every 2 years at different locations. We also hold small reunions just for the Air Police.

After all my years in the Air Force, Wimpole Park was the best assignment ever. I am now retired for quite a few years and have been back to England a few times. I am married to a Biggleswade girl and met her while at Wimpole. We married in l955. Pc Cyril Rumbold was the policeman we all worked with.

Howard J Applegate
Mt.Holly, New Jersey, United States.


Wimpole Park People

"BRIGADIER GENERAL CHARLES H. MORHOUSE Retired March 1962, Died Nov. 1, 1975.
In 1952 a hospital group was organised which he took to the United Kingdom and established a 250 bed hospital at Wimpole Park in East Anglia. In 1954 be was appointed surgeon of the 3rd Air Force."

"MAJOR GENERAL JOHN K. CULLEN Retired Jan. 31, 1965, Died Oct. 25, 2000
From 1950 to 1954 General Cullen served as deputy director of plans and hospitalisation, Office of the Surgeon General, U.S. Air Force, and two years later he was recalled to this position from his post as commander of the U.S. Air Force Hospital at Wimpole Park, England. (July 1954 - July 1956 - Commander, 7510 USAF Hospital, Wimpole Park, England)"

"BRIGADIER GENERAL (DR.) ROBERT G. MCIVER Retired Feb. 1, 1980, Died Dec. 8, 1998. General McIver began his career as an enlisted man in the U.S. Navy and served as seaman second class in Bainbridge, MD, from 1945 to 1946. He returned to active duty as a medical officer in January 1957 and was assigned to Wimpole Park USAF Hospital in Cambridge, England. In December 1959 he was transferred to the Air Force hospital at Maxwell Air Force Base, Ala., as chief of anaesthesiology."


Help Required

Although I can probably sort out some of the history of the hospital from a English viewpoint, can anyone approach the US Air Force and ask for access to base records to establish official operation dates, list of commanding officers, and/or a base service history? While the hospital existed, it was situated on 'American territory' and therefore not subject to English jurisdiction. Official records in England are proving hard to find. Please e-mail Steve Odell.




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